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Celebrate My Life
by Karon Stewart, ERU

How do I tell you, where do I start?
These feelings inside me, deep in my heart.
I thought I had lost love, then you came along;
Everything was better...nothing could go wrong.

The feelings of tenderness I hadn't known before;
You wanted to keep me, but God wanted me more.
I look to your eyes, the ones that are kind
To tell you it's okay, I know it's my time.

For with your love, I was so blessed;
So celebrate my life, don't dwell upon my death.
Until we meet at the Bridge -- Oh, please don't cry.
It's just for now, my friend, that I must say goodbye.


Just learned that my former foster boy JoJo passed away. He was preceded in death my his lifelong mate, Baby Girl. Both were rescued 10 years ago as their original owner struggled to find a home for them as he died. The rescue community did its job and an adopter was found for Baby Girl in Massachusetts, but the true miracle was this amazing family saw the bond between them and decided they needed to be adopted together. Maureen Montrond and her wonderful family loved and nurtured them through the years. My heart goes out to the Montrond family, you provided the best most loving home possible for this very special duo. Godspeed sweet JoJo, you and Baby are loved and missed.❤️.........Jan Hadaway, January 24, 2021

We wanted to let you know that we lost Snowball before Thanksgiving. He was having hip problems and some liver issues. No matter how we tweaked the meds, he was always in pain. It broke my heart. We miss him every day. And I think that he liked the mountains, He loved to walk around here and explore. Snow was my shadow, protector and guardian. And he finally got used to Gary and the family. He was loyal and loving in his way. He came along way and we couldn’t help but love him........Pat and Gary Gross, November 23, 2020

Very sad and heartbroken Last night I had to let my Layla run free (my ERU foster). A sudden shock, which also reopens the freshness of also losing my boy in August. She was the sweetest and most gentle soul Could tell Vet cried on phone when she had to tell me her results.. when I got there and she came into room,, after I had time with Layla. She was squatting down on other side of Layla, her eyes were red, filled with tears. Then she pulled up her face shield, so I could easily see her face.. She said "I am Amanda (who is my back door neighbor who moved in about 8 months ago) and I know how much your animals mean to you" Not from me telling her, just by her seeing us out in the yard My Bear, feathered one and I are missing my sweet Layla and my sweet Spanky Nothing you would take Everything you gave Meet you on the other side........Candy Kane, November 5, 2020

Silly, beautiful and a perfect ambassador to all the fosters I had. He never met another dog he didn't like. I wasn't familiar with this breed but ran across them scrolling thru Petfinder after my Shepherd had died from cancer and I was looking for a smaller dog. I applied to Eskie Rescuers so I could foster and get familiar with the breed. This fuzzybutt was found hanging around in a park in Shreveport, Louisiana in 2005, estimated to be 10 mos to a year old. He was my 1st foster for ERU and I just couldn't part with him. Lance is the reason I fell so hard for American Eskimos and I thank God for bringing him into my life for 15 years. Run free sweetheart. There are a lot of your friends to play with til I see you again........Karon Stewart, November 5, 2020

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