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Rainbow Bridge
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Celebrate My Life
by Karon Stewart, ERU

How do I tell you, where do I start?
These feelings inside me, deep in my heart.
I thought I had lost love, then you came along;
Everything was better...nothing could go wrong.

The feelings of tenderness I hadn't known before;
You wanted to keep me, but God wanted me more.
I look to your eyes, the ones that are kind
To tell you it's okay, I know it's my time.

For with your love, I was so blessed;
So celebrate my life, don't dwell upon my death.
Until we meet at the Bridge -- Oh, please don't cry.
It's just for now, my friend, that I must say goodbye.


Max was rescued October 16th, 2015. Max loved his baby sisters, Kora and Luna, and his dad @Tommy Mattison. He had a rough life and came to us with over 300 engorged ticks and zero trust in humans or other animals. Vets estimated him to be 11 years old and said at the current state they only gave him one year to live. Thank god only the good die young, and Max brought lots of laughs (some ankle-biting and terror to all guests ) and so much love to his chosen few for another 7 years! We estimate he was around 18/19 years old when he passed in November of 2022. He was able to leave peacefully in his sleep next to his daddy. We are furever grateful that ERU allowed us to foster fail and give Max the best rest of his life.,,,,,,Jacque O’Rourke

Today my little boy Kipper crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I adopted him from ERU 8 years ago when he was 6. He was scared but brave. He had been abused and neglected. It took him 6 months to wag his tail for me. He became so loving and confident. He greeted all the fosters I took in and showed them the ropes. Thank you Dyan Laphan for allowing me to adopt him and Cheryl Babcock for delivering him to me. Fly high my little angel. Until we meet again.….Jane Roberts, September 22, 2023.

My name is Jazzie. I spent 14 wonderful years with my mom. She called me her Fun Girl! We traveled together all over the US. We did have a lot of fun! I left mom on 8-19-23. Off to Heaven I go. Can't wait to see you again mom!…..Melody Coe, August 19, 2023

Hello this is Jill Sipala I adopted Kodiak (aka snuggles) from your organization in May 2007. I wanted to let you know Kodi passed on today due to bladder cancer. He lived to be 16 years and eight months. Thank you to Jim Park for entrusting us with Kodi. We adopted him at four months old. He was an amazing and smart dog. I taught him agility, and he was still running agility courses at age 13! He was like a duck to water with it. He absolutely loved it! He had two other brother and sister Eskie’s at our house to play with. We loved him dearly and will sorely miss him.…..Jill Sipala, August 10, 2023

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