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Celebrate My Life
by Karon Stewart, ERU

How do I tell you, where do I start?
These feelings inside me, deep in my heart.
I thought I had lost love, then you came along;
Everything was better...nothing could go wrong.

The feelings of tenderness I hadn't known before;
You wanted to keep me, but God wanted me more.
I look to your eyes, the ones that are kind
To tell you it's okay, I know it's my time.

For with your love, I was so blessed;
So celebrate my life, don't dwell upon my death.
Until we meet at the Bridge -- Oh, please don't cry.
It's just for now, my friend, that I must say goodbye.


We adopted our Sullivan when we voluteered with ERU in 2006. He turned 15 in January (we think). We had to put him down today. He was my faithful companion for 14 years and was loved deeply. We will miss him....... Cara Cue McDaniel, July 2, 2020

Dillon passed away at the wonderful age of 18-1/2 years. A long life but still never long enough. His adopter was looking for a younger dog to rescue, but one look at this picture of Dillon melted his heart, and he was in love. They both needed and healed one another, and his passing is a profound loss. Run free and wild, Dillon.........Eskie Rescuers for David King, June 27, 2020.

Mikey was the first senior dog we have ever adopted. When we got him in 2015, we thought we would be his hospice fosters. Instead, he got a second wind and became happy, able to run & walk, funny and so loving. He loved to relax next to his mama and had 4 beds of his own plus a wardrobe of cute outfits to keep his mostly hairless body warm. Mikey enjoyed meeting and flirting(!) with new dogs. He loved everyone and accepted everyone, furry or not. Those almost 5 years spent with Mikey will always be a treasure in our hearts. Mikey’s spirit was bigger than the little body that cold no longer keep him. Mikey’s departure was literally announced by a stunning rainbow that shimmered and made a glittering arc across the sky. Mikey was received by his dad, and fur siblings Brescia, Davinci, Vinnie and Napoleon where they will play and live in light and love till they are joined with their mama and me...........Mayli and Maydelin Someillan, January 18, 2020

Gone too soon. Our hearts are breaking as we said goodbye to our sweet Nemo this afternoon. Fly high our handsome boy, may you always feel the wind in your hair. Thank you for the joy your brought to our lives. ........Darlene and Mike McCann, January 13, 2020

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