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Bear of Florida's Sponsorship Page
Bear of Florida

***PLEASE NOTE:  This eskie is SPONSORSHIP ONLY.  Bear will not be made available for adoption due to his behavior.  Thank you for your understanding, and for your compassion toward the eskies in our long-term care.*** 

Bear was an owner surrender to the Bowling Green, Kentucky animal shelter when his owner could no longer afford food or vet care.   He was rescued by ERU in June 2018.  His foster mom says that Bear is a nice boy once he gets to know you.  Even though he has been there for a couple years, he is still aloof towards her.  He likes to be near her, but wants to be left alone.  And he doesn't like strangers coming into his home. 
His health is good, and he gets along with the foster's eskies.   He will live out his life in his loving foster home.  


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