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Arthur of LA's Sponsorship Page
Arthur of LA

Say hi to ARTHUR of Louisiana!
ARTHUR came to us last night. This little soul was found wandering around the outside of a store. He was very friendly, but it was quite obvious that he was emaciated. Some of his fur had been dyed and he had been shaved. A wonderful gentleman was kind enough to take Arthur home where he was safe, fed and warm for the night, and then taken to the vets. Arthur didn't have a chip and no one came looking for him.
ARTHUR is doing well in his foster home, and is such a loving sweet little guy. He had initial vetting done with his finder, and now we will be working on getting some weight on him and a little bit healthier before having a much needed dental.
ARTHUR'S story warmed my heart. He's so gentle, just wants to please you, follow you around, and be loved. His story made me smile and gave me hope. What a good way to start the year, with love and kindness.

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