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Loba of Townsend De's Sponsorship Page
Loba of Townsend De

Loba is about 5 yrs old. She was surrendered to a shelter in Va mid August. Loba is full of energy, and loves life. She's bouncy and always ready to go.
She loves being the prima donna, so being an only girl is best for her. No cats or small children for her either. 
She really needs a fence as she loves to go outside for the wonderful smells to investigate, and she is very much into running free. If she gets a chance, she will follow her nose.  If you plant cherry tomatoes and strawberries, she will pick her own. She's quite the healthy eater. Watermelon is also a fave, but she'd prefer you cut it up for her.
She is happy to put her lease and harness on and loves to be outdoors. She would adore someone who walked a mile or so. She may sit like an angel or she may happily bounce off of you in her excitement to go outside. She's also happy to hang out with you in the yard while you weed or watch the world go by.
She doesn't play much with toys, but she loves to wrestle on the floor and do zoomies with you. 
She loves trick and treat time at night. She knows sit, down, spin, up, and of course shake. We're working on stay and come, lol, she has a bit of eskie stubbornness with those. And please do not forget that we have a fish skin as dessert.  She is a follower, and sit at your feet kinda girl in the house. If her favorite person isn't there, she happily will sit with who is there. She does love her people, and she's fine with company. She likes it if you use your foot to give her a massage, and she loves a massage while you sit on the floor with her.
Outside, she's a let me chase and catch a frog, squirrel, possum pleaseeeeee! Do I smell a deer????
She sleeps on the floor as close to the bed as possible for part of the night, then she goes into an open door crate with a cushy mat for the rest of the night.  She's well mannered when left alone. No garbage raider, shoe gnawer or pillow eater here, she's free to roam always. The couch is a nice place to hang out too. And occasionally the end table is a cool spot too. Lol.
Her 2 very different barks are sometimes adorable, and we have to shut the shades at night or the white dog (her reflection) in the window gets her attention. Her I want attention is girly and her hey! whose's at my door is deep. She definitely had a hair cut and it's fluffing out beautifully and oh so soft. She loves hugs and gives the tiniest kisses.
She just had a huge dental, and is fully vetted. She puts up with brushing her teeth. We are still learning about her, so for more info you can reach my foster Mom by email at: 

Kathy at

Woof  Woof 

Thank you 

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