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Augie of FL (aka Shaggy of FL)'s Sponsorship Page
Augie of FL (aka Shaggy of FL)


Meet Augie, our 3-year old cuddle muffin!  Augie is a lovable boy who enjoys the pack of 6 at his foster home.  He has an easygoing personality and is especially fond of his grooming visits along with car rides, rawhide chews, racing around the back yard with his Sheltie buddy, snuggling on the couch, and evening walks so he can smell what's cooking in the neighborhood.  
Augie has been blind since birth but that has never stopped him from enjoying family life and experiencing new things.   Your reward will be endless kisses and Eskie smiles from a young man who was twice voted "Groomer's Favorite of the Month" and is now a local celebrity. 
A fenced yard is preferred, but not mandatory, if he would be getting lots of playtime and exercise.


Intake November 2021: Shaggy is currently Sponsorship only while we get his vetting done and get to know him.  He's is a super sweet 3-year-old boy who just recently came to ERU.  He's a standard eskie, and was born blind.   He will be made available for adoption after his vetting is completed.  

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