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Earl of St Thomas Pa's Sponsorship Page
Earl of St Thomas Pa

Earl is a bubbly, affectionate, adorable dog who never met a stranger on two or four feet. He comes in puppy-like packaging, with a constant smile and wagging tail, and he has a personality much larger than his 16-pound body. When we’re out, he gets so many compliments on his appearance and personality. Earl would be fine with older children, he can be grumpy if he is startled awake. This may change some when he knows he is totally safe.

Earl is housebroken and uses our fenced yard just fine but prefers walks. He is a powerwalker and breezes through 2.5 miles with me each morning. He is learning leash manners, and he is reactive to squirrels, chipmunks, and bicycles.

Earl has some funny antics, like the way he will rotate his head side to side when you play sounds on your phone or through a speaker. He will also howl exuberantly with sirens. He is a constant shadow around the house and is starting to enjoy snuggling on the couch.

He is likely a Pomeranian-eskie mix, given his head shape, furry light brown ears, and fur. He had a complete undercoat blowout when he arrived, but after bathing and brushing, he now sheds minimally. He looks forward to a quick daily brushing session after walking to keep his coat soft and cloud-like; if I miss a day, he will rub himself on the furniture to remind me.

He is a quick learner and seems to need only a couple of sessions to learn new things. He has learned to sit, and he is doing really well with learning not to crowd and dash out the gate when I open it to go on our walk but instead to sit-stay and wait for the door to open and for my signal before he can head out.

Earl does not have any teeth but still gobbles down small dry kibble with no problem. I add a small spoonful of canned pumpkin for him. His owner will need to give him appropriate toys that won’t damage his gums… nothing too hard.

Earl was a breeder male who was brought to a shelter in WV. He was initially adopted but returned for growling at a young girl in their family when she got up during TV watching. We have recently noticed that if he is disturbed when napping on a soft place, he gets grouchy. He sleeps alone just fine all night on the main floor while we are upstairs, but he is anxious when I leave the house.

Loves: walks, snuggling on the couch, following you everywhere

If you bring this wonderful eskie into your life, he will love you and be forever grateful! He is a truly special pup.

For more information pleae contact  Gary Kelley <>

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