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Cain of PA's Sponsorship Page
Cain of PA

Hi!  My name is Cain.  I am a very handsome eskie boy.  I love to follow my foster mom and dad everywhere so I can get a tummy rub.  I get along with the other dogs here and figured out how to use the doggie door right away.  I love to go for walks and am a great passanger on short or long trips.  If you would like more info on me please e-mail Gary at

Update: Cain listens very well outside without a leash.  He loves to run and play with the other dogs.  When playing with a toy he will growl at the other dogs, but is fine when I take it from him. He is a very sweet boy that loves attention. Cain was good around my grandkids, I think he would do very well with children.  I don't know about kitties because I don't have any.

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