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Bobby of NC's Sponsorship Page
Bobby of NC

 Hi, I am Bobby. I'm a senior fellow. This is what my former mom said about me:
 He is adorable and happy all the time.  He is just content to be next to you or sit at your feet.  He is easy going and gets along great with other dogs.  He loves the dog parks and happy to play tag/chase with any dog   I've never seen a dog ride so well in a car.  He puts himself in the passenger seat and just lays down for a nap.  But the best thing about Bobby is his "can do" attitude.  He loves balls and toys and will play with himself if you are not available.  He has lots of fun throwing them up in the air and catching them or kicking them.  He is like a stage performer and will entertain you endlessly with his cleverness and charm!


*** Currently fostered in Charlotte NC. Thank you and WOOF! Bobby

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