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Kody of Waynesville, NC's Sponsorship Page
Kody of  Waynesville, NC

UPDATE:  Kody is a long term sponsorship R’eskie and will remain in his foster home.
Woof, Y'all! I'm Kodiak, but my friends call me "Kody." I am almost 7 years old. I hit a few bumps in the road in my midlife and found myself in an urban Atlanta, GA shelter. I was pretty grumpy while I was in that loud, scary, stinky place. Who could blame me? I didn't like it there. That, and the fact that I tested positive for Heartworms, made me not so attractive to potential adopters. I waited and no one came for me.
Finally, when my days were almost up, my nice kennel attendant told me that someone from something called a rescue was going to come for me. Someone drove from a place called North Carolina to pick me up. I was glad to be out of the shelter but a bit unsure about everything that was happening to me.
I'm now safe in a foster home, thanks to something called Eskimo Rescuers United, and I'm settling right in. I'm getting along great with my foster sisters and brothers. I have 4 doggie, 3 kitty siblings and one Guinea Pig . They are all my friends. I play with the dogs and ignore everyone else, really. I like my foster mommy and daddy and give them lots of kisses. I also like to steal mom's chair when she gets up to do something. I feel like I'm right at home here. I want to be right with my people all of the time.
I went to see someone called "the vet" and he said that I appear to be very healthy. I wasn't very happy to see the vet because they were doing some pretty "personal" stuff, like nail trimming, looking in my ears and eyes, taking my temperature, and even x-rays. I was a little growly so my mom said to put me in a muzzle for everyone's safety. Well, that sucked, but we got everything done. I'm glad that's over. Mom said we will have to do it again, but, it will be a while. Good.
I have started my treatment for Heartworms. I take my pills in Pill Pockets, with no fuss. It's going to take some time, but, I hope those things are gone soon. I don't have any signs of them right now and my foster mom says that's a good thing and she is grateful for that. I guess that means I am, too. We are using the ERU Gentle Treatment Protocol and not that scary Immeticide. You can find more information on the Gentle Protocol here:
I have good house manners. I sleep and eat in my crate. I am house trained. I will bark at strangers in the house or around the car, but, I love people and enjoy meeting new folks when out on a walk, at the doggie park, etc. I used to go to doggie daycare with my previous family and really liked that. I'm really nervous around small kids. My foster mom says that the best home for me will have no small children. 12 and over would be best. She also says that I would do well with moderately active adults that have experience with dogs. I wouldn't mind the occasional hike or to do some type of fun activities with my folks. I am pretty well behaved on a leash and know some basic commands: sit, come, kennel. I really am a good boy and want to find my forever family.
Could that be you? If you think so, please fill out an adoption application at: and someone will contact you about me.
Woof, Kody

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