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American Eskimo Dog
With his fluffy white coat and bouncy personality, the American Eskimo Dog is truly "the dog beautiful."
Height: Toy, 9 to 12 inches at shoulder; Miniature, 12 to 15 inches at shoulder; Standard, 15 to 19 inches at shoulder
Weight: Toy, about 10 pounds; Miniature, 20 pounds; Standard, 30 pounds
Coat: dense and fluffy
Life span: 12 to 15 years
Breed Group: Companion Dogs
Called "the dog beautiful" by his admirers, the American Eskimo Dog, or "Eskie," is a striking fellow with his white coat, sweet expression, and black eyes. He's a Nordic breed, a member of the Spitz family. Eskies are lively, active companion dogs who love to entertain and join in on all family activities. They are outgoing and friendly with family and friends, but reserved with strangers. Although the Eskie is a small dog--10 to 30 pounds--he has a big-dog attitude.
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General Characteristics
Apartment appropriate
Cold tolerance
Drooling potential
Ease at being home alone
Friendly toward strangers
Heat tolerance
Compatible with kids
Easy to groom
General health
Good for novice owners