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How to Alert Us that an Eskie Needs Rescue!

If you are a volunteer with another rescue, shelter or you are a private citizen and wish to inform us of an eskie in need of rescue, please email us directly at and provide as much information about the dog, the situation, location and contact information. You can also contact the ERU Director who is closest in proximity to the eskie in need. Please see our contact list.

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If you are an Eskie Owner who wants to surrender your pet:
  • If you have an Eskie that you are considering surrendering to our rescue (or any rescue), please review the training and behavior tips first. Owner surrenders are accepted on a per case basis and depend on foster space available and other criteria. Owners are strongly encouraged to make a concerted effort towards correcting any serious behavior problems prior to surrendering their pet.
  • To prepare for surrendering your Eskie, please consider having the dog brought up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed or neutered (if not already altered), and heartworm tested.
  • Owner surrendered Eskies that meet our veterinary care requirements and are up-to-date on vet care (i.e. do not need any vaccinations or tests within the first 6 months of fostercare) are subject to a $50 donation fee. Dogs that do not meet our veterinary care requirements (i.e. they do need vaccinations, alteration, tests, or dental etc.) within the first 6 months of surrender are subject to a donation fee of $200. It is in the dog and owner's best interest (health-wise and financial) to have the dog fully vetted prior to surrender. 
  • In order to initiate the process, you can complete an "Owner Surrender" application form. Your form will be reviewed by an ERU representative who is responsible for your area. It may take some time to locate a rescue volunteer to do the evaluation and temperament test and for the rescue to determine if we are able to accept your pet into our rescue. Please be patient, you will hear from an ERU representative within a few days to let you know your form has been received and is under review.