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The Eskie Railroad

Transport Patsy PA11

What is the Eskie Railroad?

The "Eskie Railroad" is a special long-distance transport that can be organized to bring an Eskie from its foster home to its forever home. The transport is made up of a group of volunteer drivers who will each drive a certain portion of the transport -- these are called "legs". Individual legs can be from 50 - 100 miles long. We request that the Eskie adopter participates in the transport by signing up for the final leg.

Eskie Railroads are coordinated by "Transport Coordinators" -- special volunteers who organize the trip, post for volunteer drivers, distribute the final "run sheet" and monitor the transport during hand-offs of the Eskie from one driver to the next.

An "overnight" is sometimes required for very long transports. This requires the volunteer driver who is in possession of the Eskie at the end of the day to foster the Eskie overnight and resume with the schedule the following morning.

Transport Patsy PA11 in the box

No, we don't get shipped in boxes, Tee Hee!

Railroad Volunteers

Eskie Rescuers United is looking for experienced Transport Coordinators and volunteer drivers. Please complete a Transporter Application form if you are interested in participating.

Info-Eskie 5

Transport tales

Eskie rescuers utilize the Eskie Railroad and other rescue transport services to help with urgent rescue situations. In some cases, the railroad takes to the air! Please read the story about our Special Needs Eskie "Holly" and the Pilot angels who donate their time to fly pets in danger to receive life-saving medical attention.

One of our Eskie Railroads was reported in a newspaper article. For a "day in the life" of a rescue transporter, please read "The Railroad Home".

Transport Judy and Max
  Now, this is "classic" transportation!