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Resources for Foster Caregivers (thanks to Maddie)

  1. Canine Body Language (video, 46 min, exam, and certificate):
  2. Bringing Your Shy Foster Dog Home (video, 12 min):
  3. Helping Your Foster Dog be Comfortable Home Alone (video, 3 min):
  4. Introducing Your Shy Foster Dog to Strangers in Your Home (video, 13 min):
  5. Animals (Zoonotic) (Fact Sheet, 1 page):

Free online courses available through Maddie's Fund:

  • Bringing a new dog home
    In this class, short videos will help you understand your dog's body language and give your dog the basic training they need to be successful in their new home.
  • Marketing your foster pet
    This class will give you the inside scoop on successful pet marketing. You'll learn tips and tricks for taking great photos and videos and writing social media posts that will help you and your shelter make the perfect match for your foster pet. The class is directed to foster caregivers but is equally useful for shelter staff involved in pet marketing.
  • Using social media to help shelter pets shine
    This course will help foster caregivers as well as shelter and rescue social media administrators successfully market pets on social media to find adoptive homes. 
  • Foster Flash Classes
    These short, instructional classes cover individual topics that foster care givers encounter while caring for our beloved furry friends.
  • Six guidelines for marketing your foster pet
    This short blog highlights 6 tips when marketing foster pets from your home.
  • The foster caregiver marketing guide
    This comprehensive guide details multiple strategies for marketing pets from foster care.