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Sometimes, Very Special Eskies Inspires Very Extraordinary Action!!! On occasion, we find the story of these Eskies so moving that we must share the experience and seek your help in the name of these amazing creatures. We have established this page as final home for these stories. From time to time, stories will find their way here so that they may continue to inspire.
The Stories

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  • Frosty's Story
  • Julia's Story
  • Bailey Boy's Story
  • Bradley's Story
  • Shiloh's Story
  • The PA-13 - A Barn Full of Eskies
  • SAM - Could You Hurt Your Very Best Friend?
  • PRINCESS - The Story of One We Couldn't Save

    Frosty/FLTold by Roxanne Goeltz
    My name is Frosty and I have been through a great deal in the past few months. I lost my lifetime owner of 7 years when he passed away suddenly. His family did not have the love for me like he did and I ended up in a shelter in FL.

    Eskie Rescuers heard of me and took me into their care. I was a bit overweight as, although my owner loved me, he did not realize how feeding me extra was very bad for me. I had a bad right knee in the back and some pretty nasty teeth. Well ERU got my teeth cleaned and had surgery done on my knee as well.

    I was doing great recovering but then fell ... (Click here to read the rest of Frosty's story.)
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    JuliaTold by Roxanne Goeltz
    (as Julia, herself, might tell you)
    Oh … my … someone help me please! I cannot outrun this dog and he has it in for me … I think it was because I was trying to get some of the scraps of food he had found. Ohhhh … I just cannot run anymore … there are teeth and sharp pains as they sink into my body … someone please help me!

    Where am I? Who is that coming at me? I am not going to let them bite me again, so I ... (Click here to read the rest of Julia's story.)
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    BaileyBoyTold by Roxanne Goeltz
    “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming”, that is my motto!  Picked it up from the movie “NEMO”.  I love life and being in it.  I am 7 years old and was rescued by ERU 3.5 years ago from a shelter in Key West, FL.  I was adopted to what I thought was to be my furever home but all of a sudden found myself in a shelter again.

    I don't understand why as I love kids, dogs, TOYS and just being alive!  I was limping though and the family took me to the vet and found my hip was out of the socket.  They wanted the vet to put me to sleep but ... (Click here to read the rest of Bailey Boy's story.)
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    BradleyTold by Roxanne Goeltz
    Wow!  Where am I?  Last thing I remember is strolling along and now I am in a cage with my ear all tore up.  It hurts so bad!  My eyes really bother me too and my skin feels like it is moving around under my fur!

    Hey why am I complaining?  This place is warm and the people here are very nice.  I hear them talking about finding me as a stray and are not sure what happened to my ear.  I wish I could tell them but I do not know myself.  They are going to sew it up and hope my owner comes to claim me.  That I can tell them not to hold their breath for…no one wants ... (Click here to read the rest of Bradley's story.)
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    ShilohTold by Roxanne Goeltz
    I sit in the cage at the shelter day after day and I just do not understand what is wrong?  I am only 7 months old, and usually a cute puppy like me would be adopted right away!

    I am very friendly to the people who come to visit me, and if I don't mind saying so myself, I am soooo cute!  I'm not perfect - I have a bit of a yellow bum and when the families ask about it their faces change and they look sad and say "Oh, that is too bad."

    You see I leak urine and everyone thinks it is because I am not trained.  I wish I could tell them I try really hard to hold it.  I don't like sitting in the wet either but ... (Click here to read the rest of Shiloh's story.)
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    Written by Jim Park
    Many people wonder about their adopted dog's past. Where did he come from?  What happened in his past?  Unfortunately, there are too many circumstances that cause dogs to become homeless.  One recent case was 13 American Eskimo Dogs that had been raised in a barn in Carlise, Pennsylvania.  The PA-13, as they became known, were originally from a single un-neutered male and un-spayed female dog, who logically reproduced.  The owner did not think that the dogs would continue to breed as they removed the male dog and left the offspring to grow.  Unfortunately dogs will very readily inbreed.  So the number of dogs increased and they were put into a barn to live together.  By the time the ERU became involved 5 of the female dogs were already pregnant.
    (Click here to read more of their story.)
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    Sam Title Image
    This gorgeous, loving and devoted dog has suffered over 11 years of horrific abuse at the hands of his master – his “best friend”. Beaten daily during drunken outbursts, it’s hard to comprehend why he is still so friendly and willing to give humans a chance.

    Will you give Sam a chance? We want Sam to live out the rest of his natural life knowing only kindness, love and comfort in a sanctuary for pets like him. Pets who deserve better. From now on, any hand that extends to Sam will be one of compassion, a true best friend.

    Our rescue is a network of volunteer foster homes who have big hearts filled with love for Sam, but we are ill-equipped to deal with special needs like Sam’s for long periods of time – so please help us help Sam get to sanctuary. A sanctuary that can provide quality care for the rest of Sam's life requires sponsorship in order to maintain a quality standard of care for their precious charges.

    Please be a true best friend to Sam. Read his story here; then, we’ll tell you how …

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    Princess and Snowball were 8 year old American Eskimo Dogs. They grew up as littermates and had spent their entire lives together. Today Snowball is in his new forever home. Unfortunately Princess was very ill with an incurable cancer ... this is her story:
    Princess Princess
    Monday 2/19/2007 - An email plea from Kris arrives at ERU. Kris is one of many people who visit shelters just to find dogs that need to be rescued. She does this on her own out of her love of animals. Gina, one of the directors at ERU receives this message.

    Hello, I found your rescue info on the internet. There are two Eskies in a kill shelter in southwest PA. They came in a few weeks ago. I asked they not be put to sleep while I tried to get them into a rescue.

    They were brought in by their owner's wife; their owner had committed suicide. They are both eight years old, are litter mates and have been together their whole life, spayed and neutered, up to date on shots, and very sweet little dogs. They are petrified ... more ...

    Tuesday 2/20/2007 - ERU searches for a foster home for Princess and Snowball by posting a message to all of its members. During the past week, Jim has been working with Karen who recently put in an application to adopt a dog. He posts this message.
    I'm posting this information about 2 Eskies that will ... click to read the rest of Princess's story
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