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How to Foster an Eskie

How Fostering Works

An ERU foster parent provides a temporary home for one or many of our rescued Eskies. The length of fostering can vary from a few days to a few months depending on the amount of care or training needed and the length of time the foster home is able to care for the Eskie. The rewards of being an Eskie foster parent are plentiful – you are offering an Eskie in need a second chance at life and the added bonus of receiving the love, attention (and Eskie kisses) right back from the dog that you nurture.

Second Chances for Eskies

We Need Your Help!

We need fosters desperately, the shelters are over-flowing – there isn’t a week that goes by without ERU preventing many beautiful and adoptable American Eskimo Dogs from being euthanized because of our network of foster homes. But we are filled to the brim and need your help!

You Decide Your Level of Involvement

You decide what level of involvement you can provide – whether it’s emergency fostering (a few days to a week), or longer-term foster care. You can let us know if you are willing to accept sick or injured Eskies or Eskies who need time and training to recover emotionally from neglectful or worse, abusive situations. Occasionally we need foster homes for our real young Eskies -- puppies, who may not have been weaned, require special attention. Unweaned orphans require a serious commitment since they have special needs such as diet and frequent feeding schedules. One of the greatest rewards of nurturing these young Eskies is knowing that you are giving them a great start in life. Whatever you can do, we have a need!

We Cover Medical Costs

We cover all of the veterinary medical costs to get the Eskie back to optimum health. You, the Eskie foster parent, provide them shelter, love, and care and make the arrangements for veterinary care. Depending on the level of involvement you want to provide, we also have a need for fosters willing to do transports, home visits (to interview prospective adopters), and many other volunteer duties. Let us know your interest, time, and any special skills you wish to volunteer and we can get started right away.

Fostering Saves Lives! 

Fostering can sometimes be challenging, but it’s an extremely rewarding experience. There is nothing more gratifying than hearing back from an adoptive home to share their latest pictures or let you know how much they love and adore the Eskie you rescued! ERU foster homes bridge the gap between shelters and adopters and offer the crucial extra time, space, care, and love needed to prepare a rescued Eskie to be adopted into a loving forever home. Fostering truly saves lives!

If you’re interested in fostering an Eskie, please fill out this foster application form. If you have any questions about fostering, please contact us at

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